Dearest loved ones and you,

Remember that first email I sent back in Summer 1999, announcing “the rabbit done died?” Then another, five months later, explaining there were two very good reasons I was so large and grotesque?

Marc and I decided early on to include all of you in our parenting adventure.

UPSIDE: A sense of loving ownership. Our scattered network of family and friends know Jacob and Zachary, so many refer to them as “my” boys.

DOWNSIDE: Where to begin? You’ve had to endure pictures of my belly – both before and after. Pictures of Marc’s belly. Tearful phone calls, too-few happy hours, and at least 101 conversations about vomit and poop.

But since those early days in 2000, we’ve been celebrating our boys, from premature delivery to high school triumph and everything in between, encouraging you all to celebrate as well. Thanks to a boatload of good luck, more than a ton of patience, a few glasses of wine, the involvement of my parents here in Tampa, and all of your positive thoughts everywhere else, Jake and Zach have grown into considerate and confident young men. Marc and I are forever grateful.

Too soon, we’ll be hosting a celebration for “your” boys’ high school graduation and Marc’s 50th birthday celebration. Please join us. Feel free to look around this site for memories and information about the festivities as they are planned.

Our mantra is “the more, the merrier!” (In addition to “Does this smell weird to you?”) But please tell us if you know you can’t possibly make it – we’ll save the invite and then Crazy Uncle Bart might finally make the cut.

And if you have any pictures of Jake and Zach, from birth to today, please share them with us to be included in this site. Come back often for updates!

Love and pastries,